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Frozen ramen delivered to your door? Yes, it's possible

Crafty Ramen offers nine different versions, two of which are vegetarian and one that is vegan.

For a while there I was being badgered with ads for a ramen business based out of southern Ontario. They clearly worked because I reached out to the company to see what it was all about.

The good folks at Crafty Ramen were kind enough to send me samples so that I could share my thoughts about these products.

For those of us that enjoy ramen, it’s a year- round affair. Although with the weather cooling, we’re right on time with a focus on soups. 

Crafty Ramen offers nine different versions, two of which are vegetarian and one that is vegan, with the rest concentrating on pork or chicken as broths and toppings.

The soup comes individually packaged and vacuum sealed and takes just minutes to heat on a stove top. Cleverly, the round of frozen soup fits perfectly into a one litre saucepan so the preparation couldn’t be easier.

Chicken tantanmen. Ralf Joneikies/Ottawa Lookout

Trying the variations of vegan, vegetarian, chicken and pork I’m glad to report that the recipes were full in flavour and there was a good proportional balance between proteins, vegetables and noodles. No single broth felt “thin” or dilute.

The chicken tantanmen for example had those flavours you expect from a typical Chinese tantanmen but being ramen it was soup rather than a thicker peanut based paste. While the label read “spicy” I felt that this ramen could be enjoyed by most without fear of ruining the palate.

For vegetarians I found the Kaizen Warrior Miso Tofu ramen to offer all the richness and umami of a meat-based broth with a slab of tofu dressed in black and white sesame. How formal!

If you use a saucepan to warm your soup, I recommend adding the frozen round flat side down. This way you can just easily slide your meal into your ramen bowl with all the toppings facing up as they should be. Depending on your temperature, your soup will be ready in six to seven minutes.

In an age where we are all hoping to make do with less stuff, Crafty Ramen makes a great gift either as a one-off or as a subscription. The products arrive packaged with dry ice and you are advised to place the dry ice in a well ventilated area to allow it to decompose.

Their packaging proudly proclaims “restaurant quality” and it’s hard to disagree. While the best ramen houses will always have an advantage, Crafty Ramen has soups that are simply better than other versions around Ottawa. The ingredient list is also refreshingly clean.

If you’re interested in trying these products before committing to a subscription, you can find Crafty Ramen at the following Ottawa shops: