Tracing the origins of the kebab

With an abundance of shawarma shops in Ottawa, can they all be good and what of the other sandwiches they offer? Today we take a look at a relatively new Turkish sandwich shop along Innes Rd.

  • Name + address: Iskender Doner Kebab

  • Type of food: Turkish

  • Side orders: $7.75-$13

  • Mains: $10.50-$81

  • Diet: Meat, vegetarian

  • Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

  • LCBO Licensed: No

  • Website: Iskender Doner Kebab

Iskender Kebab takes its name from the Turkish founder of the vertical spit, Iskender Efendi. In the 1800s he developed the spit and roasting fire as it was easier to collect the fat. The horizontal spit was what had been used, but had the unfortunate side effect of fire flares as the meat dropped its fat on the coals.

I limited myself to a beef doner kebab sandwich and another with chicken. Both and a can of pop for $19. 

The chicken wrap was a little dry. I was surprised to find that it was breast meat which would naturally dry out much faster than chicken leg meat. It was a good tasting sandwich but the choice of cut was an error.

The beef sandwich however was more successful. Moist and tender and properly seasoned, it was a pleasure to eat and stands as one of the nicer versions I’ve had in Ottawa.

A smart touch: their tabouli salad remains undressed until you order it. If only every eatery would do this.