Review: Burgers & Shakes

A popular burger joint with friendly staff, and of course, neon-coloured milkshakes

I've driven by Burgers & Shakes many times over the years, each time promising myself that I would stop in one day. There was something very “summertime” about its facade and the name itself had a kind of genius in its simplicity. The fact that you had to drive a fair bit also held out the promise of something great.

What was apparent straight away was I had come at precisely the wrong time. It was close to 1 pm and it hadn’t occurred to me that there would be a lunch time rush in the middle of farmland. Okay not entirely all farmland, there is a driving range out back of Burgers & Shakes in case you want to work off the calories.

I ordered a single cheeseburger and the obligatory fries and was delighted that one of the two indoor tables had opened up for sitting. There is a large tented outdoor seating area but it was stifling hot, so I stayed put. Twenty minutes later my name was called and I took the order to the table. Quite the wait for a burger, but everything is made in house hence the apparent popularity of this establishment.

The first bite of a burger is often the best with the sizzling heat a nice contrast to the cool, crisp vegetables. So much freshness here but while soft, the bun was a little too dry for my liking. I suppose it’s just my bias that I wish every burger joint on the planet switched over to potato buns. The patty itself was decent but had been left on perhaps a minute too long as I found it overcooked. The fries were much nicer than expected, perfectly crisp with the skins on.

I had fully intended on enjoying a milkshake but when I saw the neon colours available to me, I gave it a wide berth. Even with “fun food” I don’t want to consume things in colours not found in nature.

Would I return to Burgers & Shakes? Yes. The staff are friendly, they care about putting out good food and the overall vibe from the customers is convivial. In fact everyone, people of all ages and various states of mobility, just seemed happy to be there. That counts for something.