Treats and teas at a new location

Taiwanese tea, mochi donuts, as a Taiwanese chain expands.

  • Name + address: TP Tea, 780 Baseline Rd.

  • Diet: Tea, coffee, desserts

  • Wheelchair accessibility: Yes

  • Website:

It’s always a good feeling walking into a place and immediately being put at ease by the design. In the case of TP Tea on Baseline, the space just screams cleanliness and by extension: attention to detail.

TP stands for Taiwan Professional and it’s an international chain with locations in Singapore, Thailand, China, the US and Canada. Interestingly, its Canadian locations are located only in and around Toronto and Ottawa.

TP Tea. Ralf Joneikies/Ottawa Lookout

Just what any city needs, another bubble tea shop on the landscape. In the case of TP however they do put an emphasis on the selection and quality of their teas.

I admit feeling confident that I would get something I enjoyed more than the usual run of the mill tea shop offerings. There was something about the service and atmosphere that felt somehow more serious and when I got my Thai iced milk tea I understood why. I could taste and feel actual tea tannins rather than some adulterated tea flavouring.

Whereas most such tea shops market themselves to the youth market, TP feels more serious. More adult. Although just a few visits are not much to go by, on each occasion the clientele appeared to be much older. Senior even.

They have dozens of cold and hot teas on the menu and for those that want it, they do up some very nice coffee as well.

Mochi donuts. Ralf Joneikies/Ottawa Lookout

As is now de rigeur at such shops, you can select your level of sweetness and the amount of ice you want in your finished tea. I chose 30 percent sweetness and that was already sufficient but I had missed the offer that you could select the amount of ice. I had a regular portion and I found that to be too much. 

My drink was very good but it was over too soon and I was left holding a cup filled with ice. I had watched as my drink was being constructed, impressed by the various stages involved. They’re not just pumping some kind of syrup into a cup here, and if you want tapioca “bubbles” you need to ask for them.

I had chosen mine to come topped with something that was a thickened cream with a slightly salty and sour component. Delightful.

Another wonderful addition to their menu are the mochi donuts. Made with a mix of flour and glutinous rice flour the design of these treats reminded me of a baby’s teething toy and given the texture, it made a kind of sense. These donuts were certainly springy enough.

They are in no way as chewy as straight ahead mochi but you’ll recognize the chewiness as something other than a regular donut. I cut the individual segments to make for easy eating and it’s a good way to share different flavours.

TP Tea is a shop that speaks to my demographic. It’s attractive, clean and offers attentive and friendly service that crafts beautiful beverages and treats. Back for more this week.

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